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Digitise your Vinyl Records!


Many of us have a collection of old vinyl records tucked away in a cupboard and it’s likely that you don’t have a record player to play them on. Did you know that you can have these records digitised so you can enjoy the music again?


We can digitise 45rpms, 33rpms and even old 78rpm vinyl records to .WAV or .MP3 digital files for your iPod, or even to a CD you can play on your computer, or in your car.


What we do:

  • We inspect the record and clean if necessary to ensure the best possible sound.
  • Records are digitised to 24 bit/96kHz quality, and individual tracks split out for easy navigation.
  • Audio files can be written to .WAV files at 24 bit/96Khz quality, or written to CD at 16 bit/44.1Khz.


PLEASE NOTE: Quality can vary due to the condition of the original vinyl recording and pressing.


Vinyl Record to Digital File Conversion

Record Type

Processing Charge

Cleaning (if necessary)

LP – 1 to 4



LPs – 5 or more



45rpm singles – 1 to 4



45rpm singles – 5 or more



Output to CD

$20 per CD





1. Subject to copyright- We will not copy, copyright material. Section 81A of the Copyright Act 1994 does allow you to make a backup copy of an original recording that you own, for personal private use only.

2. If you have a large number of Vinyl Records, we can negotiate a bulk order discount for you.



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