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Your precious memories saved and preserved in digital format


Everybody has those old tapes lying around on the bookcase or in the cupboard - old family gatherings, the kids ultrasound scans, wedding videos. And chances are they're not being stored in the correct way. Incorrect storage in a warm place can lead to damage that makes the videotape permanently useless. Video players are notorious for "chewing up" tapes, as many of us remember well. At best the tape is retrieved but never plays properly again. At worst the tape is completely ruined and you won't be playing it again. To compound things, technology is continually evolving and not only have most people retired their VCRs - it's now difficult to purchase a new VCR if you wanted to view them now. Either way your memories are completely lost.


Tapes can also deteriorate over time, especially when they've been watched a lot, until the quality degrades until the point where they are unwatchable. Digitising your tapes means you'll never lose another video again.


We offer you a solution to view the video files on your computer, or if you prefer, we can save them as a DVD for you to view on your DVD player or computer.


We can digitise VHS cassettes (in VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C formats), and Video8, Hi-8, Digital-8 and MiniDV cassettes from Handycams.


Videotape to Digital files

Number of Tapes Digital file

Output to Windows Media file (.WMV)


$40.00 per tape


$35.00 per tape


$30.00 per tape

20 or more

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Output to DVD

$30 extra per DVD


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