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8mm and 16mm Film Digitisation


Digitising Motion Film Reels


If you have old movies on film we can help you with digitisation.


We use a "frame-by-frame" system. This is a high quality transfer process designed for editing and colour correction. This system captures a high resolution digital image of each frame of your film, producing a much sharper movie with a fuller range of colours compared to continuous-film scanners.


Our systems are based on intermittent pull-down film scanners that scan each frame individually, locked down in a pin-registered film gate, sampling roughly 7 to 12 frames per seconds. With "Frame by Frame" scanning you avoid the flickering, smearing, fallout and vignetting that occurs with continuous-film telecine systems or cheap DIY home made transfers.


Unlike many systems used to digitise films, our scanners do not rely on projection or mirrors, nor do they use a consumer camcorder to capture the images. Instead, machine-vision cameras are used to capture each frame directly from the film as it passes in front of a diffused light. With this process the quality is close to the one used by professionals processing film archives for movie studios, television production companies, or other demanding clients.


Films are manually cleaned and checked for loose splicing or a loose magnetic strip (if there is a soundtrack) before scanning. A film can be declared 'unfit' if decay is too pronounced. We output the film frames into a sequence of individual pictures, using high-end data storage devices.


Frames are sampled in RGB 24 or 48 bits format and high resolution up to 4000 pixels, allowing much deeper colours and better control over the movie frames to make your film look better than ever. We are able to modify image colour, brightness, sharpness and contrast during acquisition and post processing using open source software. Each scene, as a context, is controlled frame by frame, and brightness and saturation are quantified by the videoscope and can be corrected interactively


We offer a full service of 2k and 4k DCP encoding with gamma 2.6, XYZ colourspace and 10 to 16 bits depth.


We can work with 8mm, Super8, 9.5mm, 16mm and 35mm film.


Prices range from $50 per foot for output to individual uncompressed TIF images with uncompressed Full HD mezzanine files in Quicktime MOV format.


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